A Good Cooker Cooks Again

It’s not that I haven’t been cooking for the last six or so months; I just haven’t been publishing it. You see, in April I got the writing bug and started on what I hope is to be my first novel. Published or unpublished, I intend to see it through to the end. But, that has nothing to do with cooking – and this is a cooking blog not a writing blog (although, I do have one of those now too).

During the last six months, I’ve had so many little tidbits, rants (Lunchables makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?!  Really?!  Sheesh!) and recipes to share and I sure as heck couldn’t put them on my writing blog (although I was tempted), but I was dying to send them out to the world.  So, here I am again – ready to write and cook and write about cooking.

But, I can’t leave without posting one recipe for a rustic pear tart courtesy of the Food Network. Since April, I have also been working on the property surrounding the new house. I put in a 20x24’ garden (another story for another day) and some fruit trees including a Bartlett pear. They all ripened at the same time and I we can eat only so many pears.  I've never cooked with them, but my daughter asked if I would/could make a pear tart (she’d seen one in the freezer at Trader Joes).  As I said, the original recipe is not mine, but (true to my nature) I fixed this one up a bit by replacing the lemon juice with dark rum and the cinnamon with fresh grated nutmeg. Also, consider replacing the pears with apples and the lemon juice with apple jack. Ohhhh boy! It’s also delicious served warm and paired with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream. Check it out: