Blog? Ick! Why?

Today I visited an acquaintance of mine (professional chef, published author, food critic, cooking instructor, etc.) to have him sign a copy of his cookbook for me to give as a Christmas gift. He was on a deadline but we had a few minutes to chat about food (what else?) – Indian food, Middle-eastern food, favorite local eateries, and more. I told him I envied his job visiting nice restaurants, trying delicious food, and critiquing it all for the magazine (and, let’s be honest here, getting paid for it). He said, as a start, I should get a blog to share my love and knowledge of food, my bistro picks and pans, and even random food related rants.

So, to make a long story short, I now have a food blog. Who knows where my ramblings might take me. I might talk about the delicious Cooks Illustrated (CI) apple cake I baked for my husband’s birthday party tonight (made with apple brandy), reminisce about my Thai neighbor Anne who taught me to both prepare and adore her native cooking, get on my soapbox regarding buying organic or fresh/local foods, or even add another item my list of “non-foods” people insist on calling sustenance.

I’m no expert, but I love to write and I love I’m gonna write about food.

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