A Good Cooker in the House

Yesterday was New Year’s Day. As I cracked open a jar of tomato relish I bought when driving through Oklahoma (the little roadside shop had hot and regular and I’d never heard of such a thing so had to buy a jar) for my “lucky” black-eyed peas and collard greens, I realized it was time to get to cracking on my blog again.

Back in September, I quit writing. No, it was not for lack of interest on my part; it was for lack of time. My husband had just found out he got a new job in the great state of Washington and would be leaving a few short weeks after for places west. After he left, the whirlwind of moving, cleaning and other fun began and there was little time for anything else (like bathing, sleeping…and cooking). But that was then and this is now.

Approximately three months and 3876 miles later, I am home again…and it’s time to get to cooking!

Stay tuned…


  1. How were your New Years black eye peas and collard greens? Will you share your recipe? I was going to try making them myself but neither of these items seem to exist north of the 49th parallel, at least not in my burb!

  2. My beans (dried or precooked/frozen black-eyed peas) and greens (fresh or frozen, collard or mustard) are not necessarily an exact science. I usually keep them simple and only add water, dehydrated onions (1/4 cup), and smoked ham hocks, a ham bone, or a couple slices of salty Virginia ham (chopped) to each pan. If needed, I add a little salt and plenty of fresh ground black pepper to taste after they are done. This year I used the stock/juice from the Christmas ham for my base, 1 lb. dried beans (simmer on low until done) and 2 lbs. frozen collards (with water about halfway up the greens) - they were delicious.