The Oscars Need More Food movies, that is. Aside from cooking, I also love to watch movies (good movies) and I love to watch the Oscars - not to see who's wearing what (I couldn't care less about that) but to actually see the movies. In between all the celebrity ego boosting, "comedic" skits, singing and other random glitz, they do show clips of great movies. I make it a point to watch all of the nominated flicks - eventually - and am slowly but surely working my way through the top 250 movies as listed by

It only makes sense that the impending award show made me start thinking about my favorite food movies. I’ve decided to list them Oscar style, in no particular order:

Best Food Movie. Period. ~ Eat Drink Man Woman
Chinese food has never, ever looked better. Ever. 

Best Sweets Movie ~ Chocolat
I’d kill for a cup of that sipping chocolate…

Best Movie Not About Food But With Great Food Scenes ~ Joy Luck Club
Just needs soy sauce!

Best Visuals ~ Babette's Feast
Less the poor doomed-for-dinner sea turtle, I dare anyone to not feel inspired after watching this feast for the eyes and mind.  If I could participate in but one movie meal, this would be it.

Best Copycat Food Movie ~ Tortilla Soup
Hispanic version of Eat Drink Man Woman and equally enjoyable.

Best Food Scenes in a Really Bad Movie ~ Simply Irresistible
This Sarah Michelle Gellar bomb involves a failed restaurant, magic crabs and crying into cookies. I’d love to get the recipe for her carmel ├ęclairs, though.

Best Prison Meal Movie ~ Goodfellas
Ever sliced garlic with a razor blade?

Best Pie Movie ~ Waitress
This otherwise cutsie movie never fails to inspire me to make a quiche or pie or both. Bad Baby Pie, anyone?

Best Historical Portrayal Food Movie ~ Julia & Julia
Despite the fact that she is one of my favorite actresses, I did not see Meryl Streep in that movie.  I felt as if I were actually watching Julia Child alive and cooking.   

I've also heard great things about, but have never watched the following food favorites: Woman on Top, Tampopo, and Big Night.  I welcome any other suggestions...Netflix, here I come!


  1. This is a great list, I am glad Chocolat made it on as it was the first film I thought of.

  2. Chocolat is an amazing flick! I just rented Big Night - I've heard so much about it.

  3. No Reservations is really good too. I really enjoyed it!

  4. I've had a few people suggest that one. I'm not a big Catherine Zeta-Jones fan, but I'll watch it on your recommendation.