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I want to introduce you to one of my Favorite Food Websites.  I diligently listed it on my Pinterest page even though I really haven’t been back there since I put it all together.  (But, that’s beside the point)

I found this page by accident - or not – maybe while researching one of the many food items I’ve featured throughout the blog – however, unlike my Pinterest page, I return to it faithfully when I need a dinner idea or am in search of a tidbit of trivia.

The World’s Healthiest Food page lists 129 of what they consider to be the best of the best.  The foods were picked based on the following six points: nutrient density, largely unprocessed and void of unnatural ingredients (Where’s the Spam? Oh…), familiar to the general populace (no chayote squash or ginkgo nuts on this list), readily available country-wide, affordable, and – of course – tasty.

The WHF list is packed with common sense items - the same foods seen on many similar ingredient inventories - colorful fruits and veggies, nuts and grains, lean meats, sustainable seafood choices, and low-fat dairy items.  But, what makes WHF stand apart from the others is how they present the information.  Each of the 129 flavorful fodders has a dedicated page containing nutrition information (calories, vitamins, fiber, fats, etc.), specific health benefits, physical description of variations, tips on how to select the best items, recipes for each and even history facts (Did you know, even though some parts of the world have been enjoying bananas for some 4,000 years, they were not available in the United States until the end of the 19th century?).

The Food of the Week (there’s a new one every…well…week) is Garlic.  I learned eating it might help with iron metabolism, it contains vitamin C (who knew one ounce has 14.7% of your RDA), and was considered sacred by the Egyptians and placed in the tombs of Pharaohs.
The oodles of recipes containes on WHF are listed on one page and are all simple, quick (they boast each takes less than 30 minutes) and delicious and include ideas for meatless and meaty main meal options as well as side dishes, desserts, soups and salads.  I especially love that I can sort them by ingredients to use (I picked salmon, as I have a freezer full) or omit (say…onions) as well as nutrients required (I selected omega-3 fatty acids).  I clicked my choices, hit "submit," and was immediately presented with two salad recipes and seven fish main dishes.
Mmmmm…the Salmon, Cucumber, Dill salad recipe sounds divine…and I have a glut of fresh dill growing, so I might actually have to check it out! 

While I’m at it, why don’t you check out the website:  http://www.whfoods.com/  I’m sure you’ll find it worth adding to your Favorite Food Websites too! 

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