If it were the last food on earth

I finally figured out what I'm making for Valentine's Day and it's not chicken marsala (even though I have a great Cook's Illustrated recipe for it).  I was setting up Good Eats to record and noticed the show on Coq A Vin was scheduled for tonight.  I'd already watched that episode but remembered being fascinated by making a dish that used not one cup, nor even one bottle but TWO whole bottles of wine!  Two bottles of Pinot Noir to be exact. 

So, I am making the Coq A Vin.  (Coq = chicken and vin = wine)  Now, should I use Alton Brown's version or Julia Childs'?  Whichever one I decide on, I already know I will not be using pearl onions....

There are few, very few - probably less than six - foods I cannot STAND!  Among them are pearl onions, liver, and dandelion greens (another story for another day).  I would probably starve before I'd eat any of these - especially pearl onions.  I like sour little cocktail onions, and I love crispy rakkyōzuke  (a type of tsukemono or Japanese pickle) which are a tiny, sweet whole onion often served with Japanese curry.  But pearl onions...these must have been invented by the devil himself.

They pop when I bite into them and are just generally nasty.  I can't stand them.  I would apologize to all of you pearl onion lovers but realize my disdain for them means more for you!  You can keep your pearl onions!  ICK!!

P.S. I love every other type of onion known to man especially spring onions and Walla Walla Sweets (I ordered a 10# case from Cavalli's Onion Acres in Walla Walla, Washington for a ridiculously cheap price - about $12 including shipping. www.bmi.net/cavalli/ Check them out!) 

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