Substitution Sidetrack

I planned to write about substitutions for a few more posts and will probably get back to it eventually, but my Butter's Better post prompted one of my readers to send me this fabulous video. It is a hysterical MUST WATCH!

The above clip (albeit crudely) supports my point of view that many convenience foods are ultimately, well, inconvenient (for health, grocery bills and the environment).  Along with filling our bodies with excess additives (and over-inflating our grocery bills), these items likewise fill trashcans with excess garbage. I do believe the nutrition to packaging ratio in the following landfill fillers (and countless others) to be massive:

~Single serving snacks including Pringles, Mount Olive Pickles, 100 calorie snack packs (buy the big one and divy up into smaller portions using reusable plastic containers)
~Bisquick Shake and Pour (one of the worst - this one-time use plastic bottle comes less than half-filled with powdered mix to which water is added to make batter for fifteen pancakes).   

I also heard from a butter basher and thus must state this key point - Everything in moderation.  This goes for all foods and beverages - including butter and my previously mentioned penchant for Spam.  (I eat it only occasionally).  So, have your Hot Pocket, your Doritos and your Oscar Meyer B-O-L-O-G-N-A, but just don't eat them every day!  

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