A Good Cooker’s Food Review

Dr. Praeger’s All Natural California Veggie Burgers

Photo from drpraegers.com

I may be a Good Cooker, but I’m bad about eating breakfast and lunch during the week.  I guess I hate to cook for one.  If I’m feeling particularly rushed, breakfast in a pinch is a high protein Boost shake (chocolate is good, vanilla is “meh,” and strawberry is yucky).  If there is time, I love a bowl of hot cereal.  Steel cut oats with a little brown sugar and milk is my current favorite, but Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain is also delicious especially topped with a spoon of sweetened, condensed milk and a handful of local raspberries I picked and froze this summer.  Bob’s Corn Grits are great too topped with an over-easy farm fresh egg and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese. 

Lunch, on the other hand, is torture.  Sometimes I have leftovers but, most times, nothing.  I know this is an unhealthy practice, so I started keeping my eye out for easy alternatives. 

I happened across Dr.Praeger’s All Natural California Veggie Burgers at Costco and decided they were worth a try.  They were moderately priced, individually wrapped for convenience, and seemingly nutritious (1 four-ounce patty has 170 calories, 6g fat, 0mg cholesterol, 310g sodium, 5g fiber, and 7g protein).    

As an added bonus, I could read all of the ingredients – Carrots, Onions, String Beans, Oat Bran, Soybeans, Zucchini, Peas, Broccoli, Corn, Soy Flakes, Spinach, Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, Red Peppers, Arrowroot, Corn Starch, Garlic, Corn Meal, Salt, Parsley, Black Pepper – a fact very important to me. 

The taste is green as they come and reminiscent of an eggroll but, in my opinion, isn’t suitable for solo supping.  However, they make an excellent sandwich topped simply with romaine and a smear of hummus (roasted garlic works exceptionally well) or dragged all the way through the garden, as some would say.

Broiling or grilling are the recommended cooking methods, but I’ve found plopping the unopened, frozen patty in the microwave for a minute and a quick 2-3 minute sear per side in a non-stick skillet spritzed with olive oil works just as well.  Regardless of cooking style, they maintain an ever so slightly mushy center.     

What they aren’t: Veggies masquerading as a meat patty.  One really has to dig on the rabbit food to appreciate these – which I do, but all might not.

What they are: A quick meal in a pinch – not so good plain but amazingly delicious as a wrap! 

How they rate: 8 out of 10 (points deducted for flavor and texture) 


  1. You crack me up! Dig on the rabbit food!


    1. Me too, Wendy! I don't know why I never did a food review before. It's fun!